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STM PRO Liquid Latex Thickener 120g

STM PRO Liquid Latex Thickener 120g

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A non-toxic, water-based additive that can thicken latex anywhere from cream consistency to the consistency of peanut butter. It will thicken liquid latex, but not cause it to gel. STMPRO Latex Thickener's consistency is like liquid honey and it mixes in very easily. It’s great for making latex moulds, thickening parts of masks that are too thin or casting latex out of non-porous moulds (like silicone or fibreglass).

A very small amount will thicken a lot of latex, so add in small amounts at a time, then mix well, as longer mixing will maximise the thixotropic effect. Then if needed add a little more.

  • 120g easy pour bottle
  • safe and nontoxic
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